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    Forever a Fantasy by Johanna Rose

    I wrote this poem to use in my book.  I'm sure it's not perfect, but I kind of like it!


    Forever a Fantasy by Johanna Rose


    I close my eyes and there you are

    I open them, and you’re afar

    You come to me when I’m asleep

    But there’s no way that you I’ll keep

    You’re but a mem’ry when I wake

    My life with you is not at stake

    The truth is that you’ll always be

    Not real for me, my fantasy…….


    You do the things that I would want

    You’ll take me there, I’m confident

    You’ll give to me most everything

    And when you’re gone, my heart will sting

    I can only love you while I dream

    You are not here, though real you seem

    And when you’re gone into my past

    I know that you’ll not be my last


    I will not stray far from the realms

    Where truth is all that overwhelms

    I’ll return to dreaming in my mind

    And create another special find

    To keep me grounded and in tune

    With all the world beyond the moon

    And once again while resting here

     I’ll find myself, without a tear……….



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